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Ooh goodness. Love the crystal. It's so fine and delicate and the color is extremely magnificent. I do love that you shared how to make the arrangement! so many good pointers. The gold encrusted dinner plate is a wonderful piece. As are the sweet salads.. I wish you and yours a fabulous Valentine's.. xo marlis


Absolutely delicious. Not just your cakes but every little treasures you have.

Happy Friday.
/CC girl

Al Vignolini

It takes my breath away! Very nice, the desert makes my mouth water!!


Oh my....this is just lovely! Love the dishes...you do have the best antique dishes in blogland...I probably could spend days at your place just looking at dishes and not get bored! The desserts are yummy, too! I was thinking why is she doing this to me..tempting me with those cakes...I love sweets but they don't always like me.

The tutorial was great....I do the reverse placing the greens last! I think that has been my problem. Next time, I'm doing it your way. So pretty! Oh, I hope Mr. Swede enjoys his dinner at the table you set for him.

Franki Parde

Oh, dear...it is just spectacular! What a LOVEly dinnerscape!!! Hearts to YOU. franki


Beautiful table for Valentine's Day and your china is divine. The desserts look yummy, perfect table for this special occasion.

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