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Slavica Vucinic

Great!Thanks for tutorial:)))

Al Vignolini

You have many wonderful talents!!!

Jacquelene L.

I think this is stunningly beautiful. If you didn't tell your shortcuts, then to me it looks like a piece that had taken a long time or had been purchased from a specialty shop. You did a great job. Spray painting through stencils on canvas isn't easy. This is very inspiring.
Jacquelene L.


WOW is all I can say! I love it and I want to try this myself..who cares how you did it as long as the end result is what you want...great idea if you don't want to wallpaper,or you want moveable art...I just love this idea..you outdid yourself on this one, my friend. Happy Holidays to you!

Sarah Rideout

Amazing, I hate to paint! I am in total awe of how crafty, thrifty and energetic you are. Can't wait to see more. I had never looked at lanterns with the idea of "feet" before your comment on CDT, now its given me a whole new perspective, thanks for that. I got a chuckle out of your oyster story, when I lived in Maryland my best friend made fried oysters during the holidays, I am ashamed to say as much as I enjoy them I have not been ambitious enough to make them. Have a great week.

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