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Glad to see your post! The luncheon was so beautiful with the flower centerpiece. You truly are creative with the different flowers in your arrangement. The tortoise shell china is very luxurious and grounds the autumnal hues. Truly Gorgeous and I always love your antique china particularly the Bernardaud china you scored at the sale.



Your flower arrangements are beautiful!! The flatware and the placemats are my favorite. The entire table is beautiful.

Alycia Nichols

Jumpin' Jack Flash!!!! This is great!!!! You did an outstanding job! I'll bet the guests at this awards event were REALLY pleased with what they saw when they entered the room! TOTALLY NOT what you normally see at one of these kind of events! You really flexed your creative muscles with the floral arrangements, and the place settings are quintessential upscale fall!!! I love the placemats as a backdrop to the tortoise plates! The button stemware is beautiful and adds a little spicy fun to the table. GREAT job!!!!!!! Looking forward to seeing your at-home creation with one of those centerpieces!

jill wallock

Truly amazing centerpiece! And to think your photo only showed half of it. I would have loved to see this table in person.


What a wonderful centerpiece! How special the guests must have felt to dine so exquisitely. Beautiful.. xo marlis

Al Vignolini

I was there in person! It was a great event, the best ever thanks to you..


WOW is all I can say on the centerpiece! You outdid yourself on this arrangement! It's so beautiful. The place settings complement the arrangement so well. What a nice table for a lunch..I know I would enjoy my lunch at this table!

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