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Wow, you found some beautiful things with which to dream. I had to smile at your comment about not being able to creat 52 tablescapes...me either and I wonder about all those who do. Wherever do they keep all their stuff!

Entertaining Women

I want a service for 24. Yikes! I'd better start saving. Thanks for introducing so many gorgeous objets. Cherry Kay


What fun! I just love the color. The idea of a virtual tablescape is wonderful!

Alycia Nichols

What a neat idea!!! I looked at those Mer Turquoise pattern plates and almost immediately recognized them as something from Alberto Pinto. I have his book "Table Settings" and admire that style very much. I don't know that I would have known the butterfly plate to be from his collection if you hadn't pointed it out. It's beautiful, though. Kim Seybert knocks it out of the ballpark with that incredible Bubble Teal stemware. Wow!!!!! You're right...I could never afford to buy the real deal, but we can certainly dream! Beyond that, we can find more affordable alternatives and have fun playing! I look forward to seeing more virtual offerings! Have a wonderful weekend!

Franki Parde

What a WONDERFUL table setting...just "dreamy!" franki


I love all the turquoise stuff, from the French furniture, the plates and the flatware....Christine


You've come upon the best idea ever.. virtual tablescapes.. I can see a party on this.. your virtual table.. Wouldn't that be fun?

You picked some of the prettiest pieces to show us. Oh how i wish I could have some of these!
Thanks for sharing, xo marlis


always smitten with turquoise~

Linda @ A Toile Tale

This was so much fun. I think your usual posts are just this amazing, though.
Linda @ A Toile Tale

Linda @  a design snack

Everything you selected is utterly exquisite! Your "virtual" concept is a winner. If this is your first foray, I can't wait for more!


How fun this was! Loved what you picked. This is fun playing virtual.


Fabulous color!! Stunning pieces, everyone of them! I love the china, the flatware, the plates, the glasses, etc. Exqusite!! Thanks for sharing and for your sweet visit and lovely comments. Lots of hugs, FABBY

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